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Trend Trading & Index Investing, Vision October 2009

September showed gains in all the 11 stock market indices covered by, except for the Japanese Nikkei.

The 3 US indices all have a "buy" indication now, while the Nasdaq also has a "sell" warning since it has risen so much during this year already. However, note that if these US indices would increase further during October, they all would have a simultaneous "buy" indication and "sell" warning, stressing that a temporary correction is likely. If these US indices would decline during October, 2 out of 3 would get just a "sell" warning after October.

For the European indices, the same pattern is valid. Except for the FTSE, where no "sell" warning is expected the coming month.

The Nikkei does not get a "buy" or "sell" trigger at this moment. But both the Shanghai Composite, the Hong Kong Hang Seng and the Bombay Stock Exchange have a sell indication at this moment, due to their very rapid growth in previous months and a correction is still likely.

In summary: be prepared for a correction in the coming months.

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