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Do the October stock market movements keep you out of your sleep?

Dear visitor of, Is your strategy clear what to do when the market moves like it did in October? See here how our BuyOrSellFunds methodology guides us: For a new blog on Trend Investing, we highly recommend:
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Trend Trading & Index Investing Newsletter, September 4, 2009

Dear Visitor of,

The stock markets in India, China and Hong Kong declined during August. Was this what you expected? gave a warning at the beginning of the month.

What else happened during August and how affects that our vision for the markets?

See here the trend trading & index investing vision for September 2009.

See here the latest historical trend charts for the 11 stock market indices.

Demographics & Investing

Dear visitor of

H.S. Dent ( released on May 6 their 2nd update on their book "The Great Depression Ahead". The developments predicted in this book could be something that Index Investors with a longer investing horizon can take into account.

We have published this newsletter on our website since we think it could give a valuable longer-term framework for safe index fund investors.

This H.S. Dent newsletter starts in the following way:

Safe Index Fund Investing, Monthly Newsletter, May 4 2009

Dear Visitor of,

April was a good month for all stock market indices that are covered by (11 in total at this moment). All markets gain, but the critical question is which ones will continue to increase and which ones will stop or fall back during the coming months. The methodology at this moment comes to a "buy" conclusion for only one out of the 11 indices! Which one?

Safe Index Fund Investing Monthly Newsletter, April 4, 2009

Dear Visitor of,

All the stock market indices that are covered by (11 in total at this moment) showed a higher closing end of March than end of February, .... except one!! Which one??

Check our Trend Trading Advice Summary:

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