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April 2009 Trend Investing Summary

After the closing of March 2009, Buy or Sell came to the following conclusion for our users:

None of the stock market indices that are folled by provide us with a "buy" indication at this moment, except for .... the Shanghai (SSE) Composite Index.

All indices are up compared to the end of February (and some considerable) except for the Dutch AEX index. From a point of view there is not enough indication that the markets have turned around and that this will be a rally that will last at least 3 to 6 months. It could very well be just a temporary up-swing.

The Shanghai Composite has gained already a lot of ground during the last months and could get a correction down.

However, overall we believe that an index investor who doesn't mind to take some risk could make some cautious investments in funds that are expected to follow the Shanghai Composite index. A potential decline during April of this index would not result in a "sell" indication according our methodology. safe index fund investors would not start investing yet in any of the other indices.


For a detailed explanation of how to read our stock market index trend investing history charts, see Our Methodology.

To see what our Trend Investing Advice was in previous months, please refer to our Archive.

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