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Trend Trading & Index Investing, Vision September 2009

The 3 American and the 4 European stock market indices that are covered by all showed positive gains during August.

In Asia, however, the Chinese, Hong Kong and Indian market indices showed all 3 a decline, following our warning last month. The Japanese Nikkei was slightly up.

Following these results, our methodology leads to a "buy" indication for the American and European indices and investors could consider to ad to their investments in these regions.

Asia shows a mixed bag. The Nikkei gets a "buy" indication. Hong Kong is neutral and China and India get a "sell". The sell for India is the second in a row and should be taken as a serious warning. The "sell" indication for the Chinese Shanghai Composite Index is caused by the level of enormous growth it has seen before, not because the recent decline indicates the start of a downward trend. Investors therefore could consider to stay invested in China while seeking protection against temporary further declines with e.g. put options.

For the latest historic trend charts for each of the 11 indices, please visit:

(Click on one of the graphs there to be able to quickly scroll through the 11 graphs.)


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