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May 2009 Trend Trading Summary

All eleven stock market indices covered by showed gains during the month of April and closed higher end of April than end of March. The key question is of course which indices will continue to increase and which one will not.

Regardless of all these substantial gains, the methodology still offers only a "buy" indication for the Shanghai (SSE) Composite Index since that index has shown sufficient stability in its growth during the past months.

Only if May would end higher than the end of April, a number of American, European and other Asian indexes would have shown also sufficient stability in the growth during the past months to get a positive "buy" indication. In that case, wouldn't you have missed a major part of the increase in these indices? Yes, you would have missed some of the growth, but you can only know that for sure afterwards. And if these indices show growth for another month, it is more likely that they will continue to increase, so it would be not too late to step in. And at this moment we do not know of course if they will continue to increase and a scenario in which the growth does not continue is still on the table.


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