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About Buy or Sell

Buy or Sell analyze the mid and long-term development of major stock indices around the world. We do this trend investing analysis once per month, at the end of each month. Based on our analysis we come to a conclusion if we believe investors should buy, hold or sell index ETF’s (ETF’s: Exchange Traded Funds) and other mutual funds that track or follow these indices.

On our website, we present our conclusions. It is completely up to our visitors to decide if and how they will make use of the information, analysis and conclusions that we provide. We do not believe that we can exactly time the market. Our conclusions to buy funds come probably after the market hit its bottom. We probably come to a conclusion to sell after the market has reached its top, but also sometimes before a top has been reached.

We do not aim to predict the exact timing of the top and the bottom of the market. However, we do believe that with our approach and analysis, investors could make good money if they have the patience and possibility to take a long term view.

We are no support for day-traders.

Buy or Sell is there for people who want to look at their investments only once per month.

Learn everything about stock trend investing and trend following.

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