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March 2, 2009: News from Buy or Sell

Dear Visitor of,

What a month. The Dow Jones had in February the lowest month closing since April 2007. For the S&P 500, we would need to go back before 1997 to find a month with a lower month-end closing. The same is valid for the Dutch AEX and Japanese Nikkei 225.

None of the eleven stock market indices that have been covered, provides us with a "buy" trigger at this moment. The only one that could get to such a buy indication in April is the Shanghai SSE Composite index. View the historic trend chart via this link:

See our overall trend investing advice via:

For all other stock market indices, our trend investing approach has recommended already a "sell" for many months. Trend investors would have sold their holdings that are expected to follow these indices a long time ago.

Our site has been updated now with a number of new stock market indices:
- The S&P 500
- The FTSE 100 for London, England
- The DAX for Frankfurt, Germany
- The CAC 40 for Paris, France
- The Hang Seng Index for Hong Kong
- The BSE Sensex for Mumbai / Bombay, India

In total, the website covers 11 different stock market indices from the United States, Europe and Asia. All the trend trading charts have been updated to include the February 2009 month closing. Our trend investing advice summary from previous months can be found in the Archive. A site-map has been added as well.

We invite you to visit us again.

Hans van Beek

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