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H.S. Dent ( released on May 6 their 2nd update on their book "The Great Depression Ahead". The developments predicted in this book could be something that Index Investors with a longer investing horizon can take into account.

We have published this newsletter on our website since we think it could give a valuable longer-term framework for safe index fund investors.

This H.S. Dent newsletter starts in the following way:

"The substantial bear market bounce we anticipated in the book is clearly now underway and the rise has been very strong and steady. We could see a modest setback into late May or so, but we are then likely to see a second strong rally before the market peaks and begins to turn down again. We have refined our best forecast for the Dow to 9,650 - 10,400 around mid- to late July or so. The best target would be around 10,100 in late July."

The rest of this newsletter from H.S Dent can be read on:


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