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Blog van BuyOrSellFunds

Investing in Gold

During the last weeks, I came several times accross statements and opinions on making investments in gold. Today, I have spend some time on looking into this topic. Let me outline what I learned.

Firstly, "investing in gold" could mean a number of different things:

* buying gold and keeping it safe somewhere yourself

* buying mutuals funds or direct stocks of gold mining companies

* buying ETF's, index funds, future or options that are based on the gold price

* buying gold via a provider who stores it safely for you

Start of Admin's Blog

This is the first entry of this blog. Stronger, this is the first entry of any blog that I have ever written. Why now? As Administrator of this website, I thought it would be a good idea. This site gives investment advice for something very personal; someone's personal wealth. In a blog, the administrator of this site can show something personal as well. My ideas and thoughts on a number of different issue, but always around the economy, investing, the markets etcetera. It will give the visitors a better feel of the person behind this site.

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