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Trend Trading & Index Investing Vision, July 2009


June showed a mixed result for the stock market indices covered by

Trend Trading & Index Investing Update, June 2009

Like the previous month, all eleven stock market indices covered by showed gains during the month of May and closed higher end of May than end of April.

The methodology graphs show now a buy indication for the following indices:

Demographics & Investing

A while ago I bought and read "The Great Depression Ahead" from H.S. Dent. I was impressed by the logic expressed in the book and consequently registered at their website ( Now I am getting once per so many months a newsletter from them that gives their comments on what is happening in the markets in relation to what they have explained in their book.

Improved the website

During the last weeks, we have been working hard to improve the functioning and looks of the website. In this blog entry I will summarize what has been done. Thus this entry is more technical and not about investing. Skip this entry if you are not interested in the background of this site.

Update website with many new stock market indices

Today, has been updated with a number of new stock market indices:
- The S&P 500
- The FTSE 100 for London, England
- The DAX for Frankfurt, Germany
- The CAC 40 for Paris, France
- The Hang Seng Index for Hong Kong
- The BSE Sensex for Mumbai / Bombay, India

In total, this web site covers now 11 different stock market indices from the United States, Europe and Asia.

All the trend trading charts have been updated to include the February 2009 month closing. Consequently, our Trend Investing advice has been updated as well.

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