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Best Guide for Long Term Trend Signals

Here is a link to the best guide for long term Stock Index Trend Following Signals.

The guide has an online book format with a few pages that address topics like:

Market Timing and Buy-Sell Signals for Index and Mutual Funds, November 2010

Begin November 2010, Stock Trend Investing published the following summary in its Gold Membership section of the website.

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All Stock Market Indices covered by Stock Trend Investing showed gains during October except for the Japanese Nikkei and Indian Sensex.

Buy Sell Signals for Index Funds and Mutual Funds, October 2010

Begin October, Stock Trend Investing published the following summary in its Gold Membership section of the website.

Learn here more about the proposal for fellow investors on how and when to invest in index funds and mutual funds.


October 2010

All stock markets showed gains during September and ended September higher than that they started. However, we want to caution to be not too optimistic.

Market Timing Technical Analysis September 2010

Begin September, we published the following for the September 2010 market timing technical analysis in the Stock Trend Investing gold member section.
Most stock markets declined during August. The exceptions were China, India and Thailand.
The four US based market indices are without a clear trend up or down. We are holding our investments in US markets, not increasing or decreasing them.

Trend Trading and Index Investing Vision for January 2010

Check out the conclusions for stock trend investing traders after December and 2010 have finished so up-beat by following the link in this sentence. It links to the Stock Trend Investing website that helps busy people to capitalize on stock market trends and to continue their journey to financial independence.

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