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Market Trend and Market Performance

Market trend and market performance: investors want to know what the market trend is and what the market performance has been.

  • Market trend: in this website we look at trends that last at least for a few months. We do not consider trends within a day or within a few days or weeks. Longer term trends do have our interest, which is shown for example by the coverage of the book The Great Depression Ahead.
  • Market performance: the historical charts on this website show the historic market performance for a number of different stock market indices around the world.

Historic market performance is never a guarantee for future market performance. However, the methodology evaluates patterns in the market performance and identifies in that way a market trend that is up or down.

To make the best use of this website and get an understanding of the free market trend information that it makes available, review our methodology and check out the historical market performance charts before going to our summary of conclusions.



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