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Safe Index Fund Investing and Trend Trading with Free Historical Stock Market Trend Charts provides unique trend trading based information for safe index fund investing in the stock market. Our regular visitors can make money by following our monthly buy or sell timing signals for their investments in mutual funds and ETF’s that are expected to follow the trends of stock market indices.

Furthermore, we are unique in showing the history of our trend based investing signals. In our history stock market charts, you can exactly see when during the last 12 years our methodology resulted in a buy or sell trigger for funds following the Dow Jones, Nasdaq, Nikkei, AEX, DAX, CAC, HSI, S&P 500 and many other indices.

The information on this website is free. You can subscribe, without any strings attached, to a free regular trend investing newsletter that will keep you up-to-date with our postings. Do you want to review once per month if you should buy or sell mutual funds or ETF’s that are expected to follow a stock market index somewhere in the world? Please read on and start a risk-free Stock Trend Investing membership. We have the right information for you. We are not a broker and you can not buy or sell funds via this site. We only provide information on when you can do this be

Trend Based Investing

If you are a day-trader, a short-term swing-trader, or someone who wants to have weekly stock market timing information, this is not the place for you. Our methodology is based on recognizing patterns in the monthly closing history of a stock market index. These patterns tell us if we can expect the market to go up or to go down. We do not predict how many months or years the market will go up or down or how much. That we do not know. In general, we aim to follow trends that last at least 3 to 6 months. And by following these trends, we can make profitable investments in stock market indices.

Are there no risks? Like with all stock market investments, there are risks of course. Nobody can predict the future. Our methodology will not protect us for every sudden dip in the market and we only invest money that we do not need within the next few years. But when we increase your investments when we say “buy” and when we get out quickly when we say “sell”, we expect us to benefit from a large part of the bull market and avoid a large part of the bear market. Since we want to be "better safe than sorry", we do not look at just one stock market index. We analyze an increasing number of stock market indices around the world and take all these trends into account.

And why do we provide all this information? There is no catch. We do not benefit from it if you are trading or not. Of course we like it when you try a Stock Trend Investing membership. But we want to analyze the world of the stock market to understand it better. We are proud of our methodology and we believe in it. But we are also business people. When more and more of our visitors are coming back to this site to read and see our precious and free investment advice, our revenue from advertising will increase. There is also a positive personal aspect for us. By sharing our trend following analysis via this website, we save our own valuable time. We do not need to answer anymore every month the questions from our family and friends on if this is the right time for them to buy or sell funds.


Van Beek
Founder of

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