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Dow Jones Closing History Chart for Trend Trading

This page provides our latest Dow Jones Industrial Average Index investing history trend chart that can be used for trend trading in the best index mutual funds and ETF’s that follow this particular market. The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) Index graph shows the DJIA trends and its highest close ever, how high the DJIA has been recently and how low the DJIA has been over the last few years. Our historical stock market trend chart for the Dow Jones Index is based on the Dow Jones Averages historical closing numbers and is the starting point for our free trend trading, long term market timing and safe index fund investing advise.

Registered users: please go to the bottom of this page to click on the attachment. All trend trading history charts can also be found on this site at one place, but we recommend to register and be able to download the latest relevant chart directly from this page.

In the attached chart, the most recent closing values are the ones utmost right on the chart. These are valid for the last trading day of the last completed month. For a detailed explanation of how to read our easy to read free historical stock market index trend charts, see our Methodology.

The blue line shows the closing values of the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index at the end of each month for a period of more than ten years. The peaks in the green and red line indicate buy or sell long-term market timing moments.

For our latest charts for the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index, see our trend investing and stock market timing technical analysis charts.

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Yahoo! Finance Dow Jones Industrial Average provides up to date information on the DJIA.


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