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Buy Sell Signals for Index Funds and Mutual Funds, October 2010

Begin October, Stock Trend Investing published the following summary in its Gold Membership section of the website.

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October 2010

All stock markets showed gains during September and ended September higher than that they started. However, we want to caution to be not too optimistic.

The US and European markets are in general still below their heights of this year at the end of April. The moving average for most of the US and European markets is still down. We are holding our positions in these markets and we are not selling or buying now. There is no clear trend indication in which direction these markets will move the coming months. It could go up, it could go down or it could keep moving side-ways.

The Chinese Shanghai Composite Index is already for 3 months ending at a very similar level. It is moving up a very little and we are closer to a trend upwards than down.

India, Thailand and Hong Kong were all showing very strong gains during September. Both Thailand and India show a strong trend up. Both indices have moved now that far above their moving average that a correction could happen. For the Thai SET our system indicates that a correction is something to take into account due to the very strong gains for the last 4 months. The same is valid for Gold.

In summary, India, South East Asia and Gold are showing us the best long term trends to put our new investments in.

On the currencies front, we see the other currencies getting stronger compared to the US Dollar. Thus the Dollar is getting weaker. Japanese government intervention has halted the strengthening of the Yen. But the Swiss France is being the strongest in 20 years and also the Euro and British Pound continue to strengthen trend of the last few months.


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