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Investing in Gold

During the last weeks, I came several times accross statements and opinions on making investments in gold. Today, I have spend some time on looking into this topic. Let me outline what I learned.

Firstly, "investing in gold" could mean a number of different things:

* buying gold and keeping it safe somewhere yourself

* buying mutuals funds or direct stocks of gold mining companies

* buying ETF's, index funds, future or options that are based on the gold price

* buying gold via a provider who stores it safely for you

All alternatives have their own pro's and con's, and this is not the place at this moment to discuss them. But it seems that the later two ones are the ones who would be most applicable for myself, with probably a preference for the last option.

Some web research lead me to a site where I could download the historical gold closing price per month for the last 40 years or so. I have applied our methodology to this data. The first results look promising. The methodology results in logical buy and sell market timing moments.

It is too early to start adding this gold analysis to the site, but I can tell you that after the January closing, our methodology indicated a "buy" for the first time since June 2008.

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