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Improved the website

During the last weeks, we have been working hard to improve the functioning and looks of the website. In this blog entry I will summarize what has been done. Thus this entry is more technical and not about investing. Skip this entry if you are not interested in the background of this site.

One of the major operations was to move the whole file system for the site from the drupal folder to the root of the site (Drupal is the open source Content Management System that is used for the management of this site). This has caused all the URL's of the site to change. Before, all URL's contained the term /drupal/. Now that is not the case anymore. In the long term this is a good change since it makes the folder structure one level less deep, the URL's shorter and it looks more professional.

Another technical change that was made was to enable the content management system to operate a number of different websites from one installation.
My test-website is for example now running from the same installation. I must say that in Drupal this works brilliantly.

For the visitors, all the historic trend trading charts are now placed also in one folder. This folder can be reached via the "All Charts" link in the top menu. Going there will allow the visitor to quickly review all the charts after each other without having to go from page to page to page.

Visitors who, like myself, want to maintain a blog on this site, do have now the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) interface functionality. This means that you can edit the text with similar buttons like in Word or other text editing programs.

A few things have changed in the layout of the site. The Navigation menu has moved from the right column to the left column. The original links in the left column to the different index pages has been removed since they appear anyhow in the top menu. A Google Adsense banner and text-link block has been added to provide some income for the site and to provide visitors with useful links.

Two pages of the site (the home page and the page on the AEX index) are now also available in Dutch (my native language).

All together a lot of functional improvements have been made during March. A few more days and then this eventful month has come to an end. Next week we will see what these events mean for our investment advice.

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