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Welcome to the guide to how, where, when, why, which and what mutual funds to buy.


Furthermore, you learn here how and where to buy and sell gold and what to think about when you want to buy and sell stocks.

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Do the October stock market movements keep you out of your sleep?

Dear visitor of, Is your strategy clear what to do when the market moves like it did in October? See here how our BuyOrSellFunds methodology guides us: For a new blog on Trend Investing, we highly recommend:
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Trend Trading and Index Investing Vision for November 2009

All indices that we follow had a lower ending in October than their September ending except for the Dow Jones Industrial Averages Index, the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index and the Chinese Shanghai Composite Index. The Dow’s October ending was almost identical to a month ago.

Overall the trend is still up with some warnings for a possible temporary correction.

The US indices do not give us a buy indication but give still a warning for a correction since they went up so much during the last period.

Trend Trading & Index Investing, Vision October 2009

September showed gains in all the 11 stock market indices covered by, except for the Japanese Nikkei.

The 3 US indices all have a "buy" indication now, while the Nasdaq also has a "sell" warning since it has risen so much during this year already. However, note that if these US indices would increase further during October, they all would have a simultaneous "buy" indication and "sell" warning, stressing that a temporary correction is likely. If these US indices would decline during October, 2 out of 3 would get just a "sell" warning after October.

Trend Trading & Index Investing Newsletter, September 4, 2009

Dear Visitor of,

The stock markets in India, China and Hong Kong declined during August. Was this what you expected? gave a warning at the beginning of the month.

What else happened during August and how affects that our vision for the markets?

See here the trend trading & index investing vision for September 2009.

See here the latest historical trend charts for the 11 stock market indices.

Trend Trading & Index Investing, Vision September 2009

The 3 American and the 4 European stock market indices that are covered by all showed positive gains during August.

In Asia, however, the Chinese, Hong Kong and Indian market indices showed all 3 a decline, following our warning last month. The Japanese Nikkei was slightly up.

Following these results, our methodology leads to a "buy" indication for the American and European indices and investors could consider to ad to their investments in these regions.

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