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Welcome to the guide to how, where, when, why, which and what mutual funds to buy.


Furthermore, you learn here how and where to buy and sell gold and what to think about when you want to buy and sell stocks.

We will list also the top and best ETF, stock and bond funds for you.

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Update website with many new stock market indices

Today, has been updated with a number of new stock market indices:
- The S&P 500
- The FTSE 100 for London, England
- The DAX for Frankfurt, Germany
- The CAC 40 for Paris, France
- The Hang Seng Index for Hong Kong
- The BSE Sensex for Mumbai / Bombay, India

In total, this web site covers now 11 different stock market indices from the United States, Europe and Asia.

All the trend trading charts have been updated to include the February 2009 month closing. Consequently, our Trend Investing advice has been updated as well.

February 2009 Trend Investing Advice Summary

After the closing of January 2009, Buy or Sell came to the following advice for our users:

Dow Jones Industrial Average

Do not buy or hold mutual (index) funds that are expected to follow the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Already a number of months ago we advised to sell this type of funds. We have not got any "buy" indication since then.

Nasdaq 100

Which part of the world will recover the earliest from the current economic crisis?

Investing in Gold

During the last weeks, I came several times accross statements and opinions on making investments in gold. Today, I have spend some time on looking into this topic. Let me outline what I learned.

Firstly, "investing in gold" could mean a number of different things:

* buying gold and keeping it safe somewhere yourself

* buying mutuals funds or direct stocks of gold mining companies

* buying ETF's, index funds, future or options that are based on the gold price

* buying gold via a provider who stores it safely for you

Start of Admin's Blog

This is the first entry of this blog. Stronger, this is the first entry of any blog that I have ever written. Why now? As Administrator of this website, I thought it would be a good idea. This site gives investment advice for something very personal; someone's personal wealth. In a blog, the administrator of this site can show something personal as well. My ideas and thoughts on a number of different issue, but always around the economy, investing, the markets etcetera. It will give the visitors a better feel of the person behind this site.

Buy mutual funds, buy and sell gold and stocks, sell funds

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