How to buy mutual funds, buy and sell stocks, gold, bond, IRA and ETF funds.

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Welcome to the guide to how, where, when, why, which and what mutual funds to buy.


Furthermore, you learn here how and where to buy and sell gold and what to think about when you want to buy and sell stocks.

We will list also the top and best ETF, stock and bond funds for you.

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What to Expect from a Gold Investing Guide

Few metals have been as valued as gold over the passage of time. The unique properties and limited amount of gold has caused nearly every civilized culture to use it as a form of money at one time. While most countries now use other forms of money, gold has always been a traditional means of storing value. The demand for gold rises most noticeably during bad economic times when currency has been devalued.

Safe Index Fund Investing and Trend Trading with Free Historical Stock Market Trend Charts provides unique trend trading based information for safe index fund investing in the stock market. Our regular visitors can make money by following our monthly buy or sell timing signals for their investments in mutual funds and ETF’s that are expected to follow the trends of stock market indices.

Best Guide for Long Term Trend Signals

Here is a link to the best guide for long term Stock Index Trend Following Signals.

The guide has an online book format with a few pages that address topics like:

Market Timing and Buy-Sell Signals for Index and Mutual Funds, November 2010

Begin November 2010, Stock Trend Investing published the following summary in its Gold Membership section of the website.

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All Stock Market Indices covered by Stock Trend Investing showed gains during October except for the Japanese Nikkei and Indian Sensex.

Buy Sell Signals for Index Funds and Mutual Funds, October 2010

Begin October, Stock Trend Investing published the following summary in its Gold Membership section of the website.

Learn here more about the proposal for fellow investors on how and when to invest in index funds and mutual funds.


October 2010

All stock markets showed gains during September and ended September higher than that they started. However, we want to caution to be not too optimistic.

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